Surprise Package p2

Before you left, you asked me what I would be doing later. I mentioned that I had plans, but would be home in the evening if you would like to stop by. I would leave the door unlocked for you if you thought you might. You answered that perhaps I should, and kissed me again before you left.

I wondered if you would really show, as I poured myself a glass of wine. I decided to shower, you knew the door would be unlocked if you arrived while I was bathing. Going into the bedroom, I paused to light some candles before undressing. Then walked into the adjoining bathroom, and started the water. I decided to leave the light off, there was enough candle light seeping in from the other room, and I enjoyed its flickering glow.

Checking the water temperature on the back of my hand, I stepped into the shower. I let the warm water cascade over my head, soaking my long brown hair. Closing my eyes, I slipped away to the feel of the water running down my body.

I was so lost in the moment; I had not realized that you had entered the room. You arrived just after I got in, and let yourself into the house. You must have been there for a few minutes already watching me through the clear curtain, since you were already naked when you opened it and stepped inside.

"Hi there", you said, as you slipped in next to me, your hand sliding over my waist. Pleasantly startled I turned and smiled. But before I could say anything, your lips were on mime in a passionate exchange.

"Let me help you", you said, squeezing some of my scented shower gel into your hands. Turning me around you began spreading the slippery gel all over my body. I could feel your cock hard against my back, and I couldn't resist the urge to press myself against it. Your hands slipped all over me, searching out every curve, exciting every nerve. A shiver ran up my spine as you began kissing my neck, your hands coming to rest on my breast.

Your tongue and lips dancing expertly along the length of my neck, as you rub both my nipples in your soapy hands. My breath becoming erratic, as my excitement builds. I try to turn around. I want to kiss you, to touch your cock, to feel you inside me, but you just hold me there continuing to kiss and touch me.

Suddenly, your gentle rubs harden as you squeeze both my nipples between your fingers at once. I let out a part scream, part moan as you do. You release one of my nipples, and start to spread the soapy bubbles down my body, down my rib cage, across my waist, over my firm stomach, until finally resting upon my closely trimmed mound.

My hips are now rocking against your hand, begging you to continue. I want to feel your strong hand against my clit, your fingers in my now throbbing pussy. But you only continue to massage my mound.In frustration I finally slide my hand down over yours, pushing it into me. The pressure forcing my pussy lips open to reveal my now soaked clit. But, instead of yielding to my desires, you pull your hand out, and place it on top of mine, forcing it closer! With a gentle force, you push two of my own fingers into my throbbing pussy, making me gasp.

"Fuck yourself," you whisper in my ear, as your other hand moves from my breast and begins to caress the curve of my ass. Fallowing the rhythm of your hand, my fingers begin to push in and out of my soaked pussy. "That's it", you continue, your finger now pressing against my asshole. Before I know what has happened, I feel your soapy finger slide into my ass. I almost stubble, as I lose my breath to the feel of it penetrating me.

"Come on baby, cum for me", you continue as you begin to finger fuck my ass. I'm breathing hard now, my fingers moving in and out of my pussy with such urgency. Confident that I can continue on my own, you slide your hand back to my breast to play with my nipple. "Squeeze your other nipple with your free hand", you whisper. Obediently, I comply. I feel as if I'm on the brink of passing out. The sensations coming from my ass, nipples and pussy are too much.

I can barely talk, but I force the words out, "I want to feel your cock in my ass again, oh please, please fuck my ass". Slipping your finger out, you quickly replace it with your thick hard cock. My asshole still slippery from the soap, allows you easy entrance, and you hear me moan as you push yourself inside me. Picking up the rhythm, you urge me on again, "fuck yourself, fuck that pussy while I fuck your ass, cum for me!" As my fingers slip deeper into my wet pussy, I can feel your hard cock from inside my pussy. I begin to spasm as I cum over, and over again.

"Come on baby; let's go in the other room. I want to drink you up", you say pulling your cock from my ass. We quickly rinse off and climb out of the shower. You hand me a towel. I bend over to wrap my hair; purposely giving you view to my tight ass and swollen pussy. You slide your hand along my backside, gently fingering my ass as you do.

After taking another towel and lovingly drying me off, you escort me back into the bedroom. You see my wine glass, take a sip then hand it to me. As I take a drink, you gently run your hands all over my body. Down the sides of my waist, over the curve of my ass, then back up to my breast. I almost stumble at the feel of your hands on my nipples.

Taking the glass from my hand, you gently push me back onto the bed, the towel falling from my hair. Your mouth meets my nipples, licking and teasing first one then the other, while your hand moves towards my aching pussy. You slide two fingers into my pussy feeling the wetness of my orgasm. You can tell by my moans how much I am enjoying your finger fuck, and before I know it, I'm cumming again. Without lifting your lips from my nipple, you pull your now soaked fingers out and raise them to my lips, looking up from my breast as I hungrily suck my own cum from your fingers.

Then you move down between my legs, parting them you eagerly begin to lap at my now dripping pussy. You hear me moan as you flick your tongue against my engorged clit. I am in heaven, I have been eaten before but it has never felt so good. Pushing my legs further back, your tongue starts to travel downward until it reaches my tight asshole. Your tongue feels so good as it caresses my hole. Pulling my cheeks apart, you cause my hole to open up slightly, just enough to push your tongue into it. Oh my God, I can't believe how good it feels, your ass fucking me with your tongue, my body now contorting with excitement. "Fuck me, please, I need that big hard cock in my pussy", I beg. "Not yet", you answer before returning to my ass licking.

I want you to fuck me so bad, but the sensation of your tongue moving in my ass sends me into another round of orgasms. You feel my whole body shake, you know I am about to cum, quickly you move your tongue back up to my pussy. You want to feel my juices run onto your face as I cum. I don't disappoint you, as I squirt out gush after gush in a new round of what feels like endless orgasms. You've made me cum so many times I've lost count.

We are so lost in the heat of our passion that we don't notice when someone enters the room. It's Jack a man I've been dating. I hadn't told you, but the plans I had earlier was a previously planned date. I had only known him for a few months. He was nice, but I found him lack luster in bed. He could never make me feel the way you do. I left something in his car, and he had driven back over to return it, probably hoping that I had changed my mind about his staying over. When I didn't answer the door he let himself in, you hadn't locked it. He was hoping to find me in bed, and he did, just not alone!

"What the hell!" he says finally when we fail to notice him. We both look over, but you're not missing a beat, your cock still pounding into my pussy with a hypnotic rhythm. "What, ahhh ", I can barely breath let alone speak, "what are you doing here?" "What am I doing here? Is that all you have to say! What's he doing here?" Just then, you drive your cock in even harder. "Ummmmm" I moan, "having the best sex of my life" I answer. "His cock is so big; he fills me up so completely, not like you!" "Don't stop, he can stand there and watch for all I care, just fuck me, oh please fuck me", I beg.

You are more then willing to comply. You are close to the edge, and you begin to fuck me with such force that I'm afraid your going to go right through me. He is standing next to the bed, watching you fuck me. He's pissed and wants to leave, but he's too turned on. Finally, he starts to move, towards the door I suspect, "wait, stay" I manage to get out between gasps, "I want you to watch, I want you to see what a real fucking is like, to see how hard he can make me cum!"

He stops and stands there in awe, watching as you drive your huge cock into my eager hole. "Ahhhhhhhhhh," I moan arching my back as I begin to cum harder then I ever have, my fluids flooding your cock. You groan and push deep into me, your cock jerking inside me as spurt after spurt of semen shoot into me. He's fucked me before, but he has never seen me cum so hard, or so many times.
I'm cumming so hard, that I don't even notice when he pulls his cock out of his pants and starts to stroke it. You cum what seems like gallons into my twitching pussy. I'm still cumming; I don't think I'm ever going to stop. He steps into me, I guess he thinks he's going to get some too, but I stop him. I don't want anyone but you in my pussy anymore. You try to contain a slight laugh, when I tell him he can't fuck me.

His cock is so hard, he begs me to let him fuck me, and after all, I made him watch. "Ok, I tell you what" I say, "eat me clean and I'll let you cum in my mouth. But I don't want you to ruin the memory of his gorgeous cock in my pussy."

He's furious, and insulted, so much so he almost leaves. However, he decides it's worth it, he is so horny and at least he will get to fuck my mouth. "Ok", he finally says, reluctantly. I spread my legs and tell him to get to work. He eagerly starts lapping at my clit. "Oh no, you don't get off that easy!" I say, "Eat me completely clean, suck his cum out of me," I tell him as I reach for your cock. I want to suck you clean while he does it. I love tasting my pussy on your cock as I coax out the last few drops.

I feel him push his tongue into my pussy, ready to scoop out your cum. "Bring me his cum, I want to eat it." I tell him. He pulls a big wad out with his tongue, but doesn't swallow, then raises himself up to my mouth. You move aside just long enough to lets him dribble it onto my waiting tongue,"Mmmmm that taste so good" I mutter, "Now go finish, eat me completely clean." I pull you to me, kiss you deeply and run my tongue against yours. I want you to taste your cum too.

"How about some more wine" I ask you. "Sure baby", you say as you step out to get the bottle. As soon as you leave the room, Jack stands up, grabs his cock and starts to put it into my pussy. I quickly draw my legs up, preventing his access. "Did you think I was kidding?" I ask, "you're not putting that puny cock in me! My original offer still stands. Come here and I'll suck you off. Maybe I'll even swallow, or maybe you can just cum on my face.

When you come back holding our two glasses of wine, he is standing over me with his cock in my mouth. You walk over and sit down on the bed beside me, take a sip of your wine and place mine on the nightstand. You sit there watching me suck him off, as if you were watching a movie. My head is bobbing up and down on him, you can tell I'm trying to finish him quickly, not like when your in my mouth. He finally groans and shoots his cum into my mouth. Dutifully I swallow it, and then let him fall from my lips. "Ok, you got what you wanted; now you can leave." I command. I can tell, he wants me to clean him too, but what I want is you.

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Surprise Package p2